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2009-07-03 16:36:18 by Woadraiders

Working on a game. Gonna have to resume Moosetank at some point this summer because I feel bad for dropping it yet again.

An artist dropped on me for once, hooray, it always makes me feel good when this happens because I've done it a few times before myself. Actually, luckily, his Macbook is fried, so that's why he's dropping it for like a month because he's going on a roadtrip soon. That game is going to be pretty damn good once it's done.

So the game I'm working on right now is tentatively named, Dimensional Ninja, it's the old name that FortressRubish had for it.

See a vid of me playing through it:
http://www.screencast.com/t/OBBBuLlHBX 4

Cock. Robot Cock. Cock. Robot Cock. (Robot Cock by trashcanman)

Moosetank Dev Diary #1 / Looking for testers

2009-04-03 23:34:53 by Woadraiders

One thing to say. The Hippo Nazi Tank Deployer = Pure Awesome. Right now, this thing is massive, and it kicks some ass. It's pretty sweet.

This hulking nazi machinery will keep pumping out tanks until you destroy it (which might take a while). It's sooo cool that I had to write about it.

The game is coming out good, I like, skipped out for a month cause of school, state tests, sports and a girl. So w/e, I've probably worked on it about 7 hours since April 1st, not including today (April 3rd), where I just started like 20 minutes ago and havn't gotten much done unfortunately. I'm adding in our 9th enemy, the tank deployer right now. I'm not sure how many enemies will be left to code in after this, just a couple I think, maybe just the last boss...

Well this shit be tight son,

Moosetank Dev Diary #1 / Looking for testers


2009-03-03 01:59:36 by Woadraiders

What a mess the last like, half year has been. Damn.

Anyways, things seem to be back on track.

I helped out with SS for like 2 weeks, and stopped.
I'm not sure how worthwhile working on it is, we never spoke of money or anything, and besides the code is a total mess! With school, work, and other more interesting projects, I just kinda stopped.

Moosetank is coming along pretty awesome, it was a game me and DarkHabit tried to do, but I of course pretty much ditched it. This was back in my AS2 days. I'm redoing it in AS3, and it is so cool.
PM me for a preview of it?

Siege Artist is cool too, you're basically this guy sieging stuff. It's cool, just trust me. The artist is awesome too, and he totally understands me taking some time to wrap up other projects (NICE). I got some work on it done, but I'll probably go in and redo like half of it. So yeah, this game will be cool.

There's a fishy game too, which is like I swear, 98% done. Just some finishing touches, artistic revisions etc. So awesome. It took 7 hours on one day start to finish. Awesome.

In other news, I came across this place:
Pretty cool stuff man, the things they're doing really interests me, unlike Sacred Seasons, they're doing traditional flash games like I'm used to (yess).
So I contacted them with some of my programming/scripting background, they got back to me wicked fast about it (like 10 minutes), because I gave my Live Messenger contact info. I totally encourage any aspiring devs who are serious about putting in time and effort to talking to them about setting something up between you two.
As for me and them, well, we'll see. You might just see my name on thier staff page sometime. NICE.

This is a screenshot from moosetank (sort of). Good luck with that. PM me to test it out for us.



2008-06-25 22:06:07 by Woadraiders

theHero is simply amazing.

Want to play the latest version? Want to help test this?
PM me, or IM my AIM at moltobennecereal, we're always looking for tests.

Preview some artwork?

I also got an error on line 666 while doing this...



2008-05-27 20:01:10 by Woadraiders

Man I'm so behind, I moved to washington from massachussets, which has sucked so far. Especially the 8-hour a day drive for a week.

Now I've decided to just finish the zombie game cause it kicks ass and i want it done, then I will work on other stuff.


http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/270508 /64031_Screenie1.png
http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/270508 /64042_Screenie2.png


Current Projects

2008-03-10 18:51:22 by Woadraiders

That last post had a bunch of links for possible artists that might wanna work with me. Well now I've got my hands full with projects, decided to share some of them (at least some details).
There are a couple that are not listed.
In order of importance

1. Cupcake brawler - (?? % done)

2. Zombie Rampage - (70ish %)

Idk, just guessed some percentages, they're probably all really off.
Just sorta bored, im not interested in listing every detail about the games.

My Programming Credentials

2008-01-15 18:59:54 by Woadraiders

I'll leave this up for anyone that might be interested in making a game with me to see my credentials.


Updated links - Feb 04. Can't believe the patriots lost, it sucks.

My contact info is at the end of the post.

Couple I shouldn't post right now, but are coming along nice :P.

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/040208 /1750_UnrealMadness.php

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/040208 /1577_PumpkinAdventure.php

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/040208 /1697_KashKashAttack.php
A/D to move left and right, W to jump, S to duck, C to shoot, Space to attack with the sword.

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/040208 /1713_CupcakeTestVCAM.php
Arrows to move, A to punch/pick up weapon. A W.I.P

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/140108 /64709_Alien.php
WASD to move, Q/E to switch weapons, A/S to attack.
A W.I.P with a very slow artist

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/140108 /64755_Dodge_Dive_Duck.php
A little experiment i toyed around with.
W to jump, S to duck, D to dive

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/140108 /64844_MetalSlugV8.php
The artist quit early on ( i put the bearhead on for fun).
A to shoot, S to jump, D to toss a grenade (the longer you hold it down the farther it goes).
Left and right arrows to move.

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/140108 /64967_Parachute.php
Quick game I did with Stupid_Saint.

http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/140108 /65145_RPG.php
So.. this one's a bit more complicated. Drag you're sword from the inventory onto you're equipment and click to release it, you can drag other items on and off your equipment as well.
Close you're inventory or press I.
Move around with WASD, you automatically turn to the mouse.
Right now you have your zap equipped, C to cast, you can change to you're fireshot by clicking the icon in your weapon tab up top. Try that, and then go to you're sword, SPACE attacks.
You can cast spells on the dummy to deal damage to it.
You can go near NPC's and click on them to initiate a conversation.
I was working on the blacksmith when i stopped, so it doesn't work right now, also the biggest guy there doesn't have a conversation set up yet.
Done months ago, before summer! Never found an artist for it.

AIM - moltobennecereal
MSN/Email - woadraiders@hotmail.com
Yahoo - woadraiders

I Got Flash CS3 Today =)

2007-12-25 22:27:42 by Woadraiders

I got Flash CS3 today for christmas, hooray!

I Got Flash CS3 Today =)


2007-12-25 20:11:45 by Woadraiders

Wow, I've got a 3.28 Batting Average, that's sick!

Thanks www.Freegamesjungle.com for sponsoring this game. It was a very hard 3 days of work to get this running, waking up, working, eating, peeing, working, sleeping. That was my schedule for three days.
Helios, congrats, we did it again.


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