Entry #11


2009-07-03 16:36:18 by Woadraiders

Working on a game. Gonna have to resume Moosetank at some point this summer because I feel bad for dropping it yet again.

An artist dropped on me for once, hooray, it always makes me feel good when this happens because I've done it a few times before myself. Actually, luckily, his Macbook is fried, so that's why he's dropping it for like a month because he's going on a roadtrip soon. That game is going to be pretty damn good once it's done.

So the game I'm working on right now is tentatively named, Dimensional Ninja, it's the old name that FortressRubish had for it.

See a vid of me playing through it:
http://www.screencast.com/t/OBBBuLlHBX 4

Cock. Robot Cock. Cock. Robot Cock. (Robot Cock by trashcanman)


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2009-07-03 18:48:24

Sounds sweet man. Looking forward to it.
Wheres this guy going roadtripping to? Lucky bastard :P

Woadraiders responds:

He's going to Spain from France >:(


2009-07-18 17:23:00

The vid looks good except for the death animation, it looks kinda weird with the flashing and all.


2009-11-30 21:31:10

MUUUUUUSTANK!!!!!!!!!! Hey i dont remeber if i talked to you on here before on this account, darkhabit=kamikazepanda